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Christian Salewski & Simon Kretz Architects, Zurich, offers design, execution, analysis, and strategic planning in complex spatial situations. Our main interest lies in the manyfold relations between scales, from architectural detail to regional urban structures. We work on projects in the fields of architecture, urban design, and spatial planning. We design, build, conceptualize, and consult. In our projects, we focus on the urban project – the public space in reciprocity with architecture. We have explored the underlying ideas of our approach in our book chapter ”The Urbanity of Things” (link to full text).



Christian Salewski (1974), founder and partner. Studies in architecture at TU Berlin and EPF Lausanne, graduation as architect (Dipl.-Ing. Architecture) from TU Berlin. He holds a Ph.D. from ETH Zürich (Dr.sc. ETH Zürich). Christian has worked as an architect and urban designer since 2003, with international project experience at KCAP Architects and Planners in Rotterdam and Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten in Berlin. For over 12 years, he was teaching and researching as Assistant, Senior Assistant, and Lecturer for Urban Design at ETH Zurich, the University of Dresden, the University of Liechtenstein, the University of Zurich (CUREM), and the University of St. Gallen. Christian conducted numerous national and international research projects, lectures, and publications. He is the author of ”Dutch New Worlds. Scenarios in Physical Planning and Design in the Netherlands, 1970–2000”, 010 Rotterdam, awarded with the Medal of Excellence of ETH Zurich 2012 and the International Planning History Society IPHS biennial book prize 2014; and co-author of „The Noise Landscape: A Spatial Exploration of Airports and Cities“, nai010 Rotterdam.

Simon Kretz (1982), founder and partner, Diplom-Architect (ETH Zurich). Self-employed praxis as architect since 2010. Design and execution in the fields of new buildings, heritage conservation, and conversion. International project experience at Office for Metropolitan Architecture Rotterdam and KCAP Architects and Planners Zurich. Senior Assistant and Lecturer for Urban Design at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich (CUREM). National research projects and publications, ongoing PhD research on design methodology under a grant of the National Research Project 65 of the Swiss Science Foundation SNF. For his teaching he received the „Golden Brick Stone“, an award honoring the best rated design course at the Department of Architecture at the ETH Zürich. Co-author of „On Planning – A Thought Experiment“ (with David Chipperfield) and „Urbane Qualitäten. Ein Handbuch am Beispiel der Metropolitanregion Zürich“.

Simon was the protégé of Sir David Chipperfield in the «Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative» in 2016–2017. The Rolex Arts Initiative is a philanthropic programme that pairs emerging artists with masters in their field for a year-long collaboration. Simon was recognized for his ability to design in a multitude of scales, in particular projects that enhance the urban environment, an interest he shares with his mentor.

Louis Wangler (1987), MSc ETH Architecture, studied at ETH Zurich and NUS Singapore. International project experience at Meier Hug Architekten Zurich, Hemprich Tophof Architekten Berlin, and Institute for Social Housing and Urban Development SEHAB São Paulo. Former Student assistant at the Institute for Urban Design, ETH Zurich. Diploma Thesis 2013 supervised by Prof. Adam Caruso. First price in the international student competition ”Vertical Cities Asia” 2011.

Felix Ledergerber (1987), MSc ETH Architecture, studied at Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio and ETH Zurich. International project experience at Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani Architekten New York. Internship at Department for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Kanton Aargau. Former Student assistant at the Institute for Urban Design, ETH Zurich. Free diploma thesis ”The Commons – Buochs Airport” 2015, supervised by Prof. Kees Christiaanse.

Fareyah Kaukab (1988), MSc EPF Architecture, studied at EPF Lausanne and Universidad de Alicante. International project experience at Baumann Roserens Architekten Zürich, Müller Sigrist Architekten Zürich, Something Fantastic Berlin, Ashary’s Karachi (Pakistan), Mollet Barmada Architectes Vevey. Student assistant for Studio Felix Claus, Studio Yves Weinand (IBOIS), Prof. Jean-Louis Scartezzini (Building Physics) and Archizoom. Diploma thesis ‘Water infrastructure in Lahore (PK)’ 2014 supervised by Prof. Monique Ruzicka.

Michael Stirnemann (1990), MSc ETH Architecture, studied at ETH Zürich, 2009-2016. Experience in execution planning and architectural competitions in Zurich (Karamuk*Kuo Architects and Ilai). At ETH, work as student assistant in teaching for Prof. P.Block’s BRG in graphic statics and structural design. Project leader at BRG for „Zurich meets New York“ 2014. Free diploma Thesis in 2016 with Prof. A. Caruso: „Vom Weiterbauen – Learning from Letzi“, Co-examinated by Martin Steinmann and Philip Ursprung.


Former collaborators: Alexandra Martinec, Rebecca Annies, Arpad Hetey, Chloé Constantini, Petra Pfaff, Lukas Fink, Dominik Thurnherr, Anouk Wetli, Stefanie Stammer, Clara Pollak